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Site and Sound supports music, the arts, and the business of creating its content through the presentation of projects and events, fiscal sponsorship, and educational opportunities


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Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship is a cost-effective way to implement new programs. Please contact us for more information!


  • Audrey Joseph
    Audrey Joseph

    Event and Entertainment Producer, Commissioner for the San Francisco Entertainment Commission

  • Jocelyn Kane
    Jocelyn Kane

    Executive Director, San Francisco Entertainment Commission

  • Mark Rennie
    Mark Rennie

    Entertainment Attorney

  • Negar Siadatnejad
    Negar Siadatnejad

    Event Producer

  • Jon Morris
    Jon Morris

    Production Manager, Audio Engineer, Tour Manager

  • Kevin Casey
    Kevin Casey

    Digital Media Producer, Audio Engineer, Music Artist & Songwriter

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